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From the time he started formal lessons at the age of six, Paul D'Adamo
has had diverse musical influences. Some of these styles include
classical, jazz, pop, musical theater and rock.

His passion for singing, performing, and playing piano continued through
his college years where he studied with some of the finest teachers at the
Indiana University School of Music, The Juilliard School and Berklee College
of Music. He also began teaching a number of students, as well as studying
privately to further his art and hone his craft.

In 2002, Paul opened The D'Adamo School of Performing Arts, where he still
teaches private voice, piano, music theory and songwriting lessons in his Las
Colinas studio or at his students' homes in the Greater DFW area.

Paul performs locally with his popular Jazz Quartet/Quintet, and
Dallas-based variety band, Plan B.

Paul is currently recording his debut CD, set to release in the Fall of 2009. Kerri Etminan, a Freelance Journalist in Dallas, writes "While that would be a dream come true enough for anyone, for Paul it's only the beginning. The real thrill here for him is that he's getting to record this CD with some of the biggest names in the business; not only weathered veterans of legendary rock bands with decades of experience under their belts, but his personal musical heroes.

Appearing on this project with Paul are musicians who have backed legends from Phil Collins, Genesis, Supertramp, Natalie Cole, Mel Torme, and almost any name you can drop in between. Genesis and Phil Collins being great inspiration behind the project, it seemed only natural for Paul to collaborate with renowned keyboardist and producer Brad Cole, known for his extensive work with Phil Collins since 1989.

Bringing a combination of some classic Genesis and Phil Collins covers up-to-date with new instrumentation and arrangements, and combining those with some of Paul's original scores, this new CD promises to have something for almost everyone, ranging in scope from Pop to Progressive Rock, Fusion to Jazz, with a little of Paul D'Adamo style thrown in the mix for added flavor."

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