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Keyboards Exclusively:
-KORG Prophecy
-KORG 01W/FD with Sound Library
-KORG N264 with Sound Library
-KORG MS2000
-KORG R3 Synthesizer
-KORG Triton Extreme 61
-KORG Triton Pro with MOSS Sound Card,
 Vintage Archives Sound Board, and SCSI
-KORG SGProX Stage Piano/ Midi Controller
-KORG M1EXR Synth Rack Module
-KORG EX-8000 Synth Rack Module
-KORG Rhythm 55 Analog Drum Machine
-KORG MA-20 Digital Metronome
-KORG MA-30 Digital Metronome
-KORG Pandora ToneWorks PXR4

Keyboard Amp:
-Roland KC-500
-Roland KC-550

Personal Monitor:
-Westone ES3 Custom Fit In-ear Monitors
-Galaxy Audio Hot Spot

Vocal Microphone for Live Performances:
-Audix OM-6
-Shure Wireless Handheld Beta 58A

Drum Equipment:
-Roland V Drums Pro Expanded TD10 Brain
-Gretsch Renown Maple Custom Drums
-Roland CR-78 Analog Drum Machine
-KORG Rhythm 55 Analog Drum Machine

Synth Modules:
-Peavey DPM Spectrum Bass Synth Rack  Module
-Proteus/ 3 XT World Synth Rack Module
-Roland Sound Expansion Bass and Drums  M-BD1 Synth Rack Module

Recording Equipment:
-Power Mac G4 Dual Processor
-DigiDesign 002: ProTools 7.3 LE
-Alesis ADAT Type II XT 20 (2)
-Alesis ADAT BRC Controller
-Presonus ACP 88 / Eight Channel  Compressor (2)
-Mackie 1604VLZ- Pro 16 Channel Line Mixer
-Mackie HR824 Powered Studio Reference  Monitors High Resolution (2)
-Roland MR-8, MR-9 Powered Studio
 Reference Monitors
-Steinberg MIDI EX8
-M Audio DigiPatch
-Digital Audio Patch Bay
-Newtrik NYSSPP 48-pointTRS Patch Bay
-Whirlwind Multi-direction 4-channel Direct  Box
-Various Recording Microphones
-Fostex Multitracker XR-3

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