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Taking music lessons requires a commitment from both Student and Instructor. The instructors are committed to your scheduled lesson time each week, in addition to time spent preparing lesson material for you.

We ask this of you: please be on time for your lesson each week and practice your assigned material. The following policies will help ensure students are not wasting their time or ours.

Thank you so much for your cooperation, dedication, and hard work!
~ Paul DíAdamo
The D'Adamo School of Performing Arts is open 7 days a week, 11am to 11pm to accommodate your familyís busy schedule. Lessons are offered in 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions, and are geared towards all levels, styles and ages.

We require that students have at least one lesson a week. Being a great musician requires instruction, practice and repetition. Multiple weekly lessons are always encouraged.

The initial lesson is a billable consultation. Both student and parents, if applicable, will share what expectations they have for the nature and direction of music study.

Parents of students under age 18 are encouraged to observe any or all lessons, and asked to communicate with the instructor and Paul DíAdamo directly with all questions or concerns.

For households with multiple students, please be advised that there will only be one student at a time for each lesson.
Practice Expectations
Students are required to practice at home between lessons. Daily practice is vital to musical progress. The recommended amount of practice time will be discussed with the student depending on their age and skill level.

The D'Adamo School of Performing Arts reserves the right to cancel all future lessons for a student who is not practicing the required lesson materials.
Student Incentives
Students who study with The D'Adamo School of Performing Arts are entitled to use our recording facilities at no additional cost. Please discuss scheduling with your instructor.

Students will receive a cash bonus of $150 for every new referral who remains a student for 90 days. The new student who inquires about lessons MUST mention the current student as reference.
Monthly tuition payments are due in full by the 3rd of the month. If your first lesson of the month is scheduled after the 3rd, please pay at the last lesson of the prior month. If you forget to bring a payment on the due date, you may drop off or mail your payment to Paulís Las Colinas studio.

We allow 3 business days beyond the due date to receive your payment. If your payment is not received (by mail or in person) in 3 business days, we will assume you have decided to discontinue your lessons and make your time slot available to any new incoming students.

If tuition has not been received by the second lesson of the month, the student will not receive lessons until the tuition is paid. Two consecutive months of late payment will be grounds for The DíAdamo School of Performing Arts to cancel all future lessons.
In general, please understand that when you schedule a private lesson, the instructor arranges his/her life around that lesson time. What you are paying for is to have that time set aside for you. If you cancel on short notice, that time is still set aside for you, and you are asked to compensate for the instructorís time.

About 25% of our students donít show up for lessons in a given week, usually with little warning. The reasons for these shifts in schedule might all be valid, whether it is a sick child that needs tending, car trouble, or a migraine headache. Nevertheless, we simply canít afford to go without payment for these missed lessons, irrespective of the reason. Unlike a hair salon, music teachers do not get "walk-ins". Thank you for your understanding.

Students are required to give a 48-hour notice to cancel a scheduled lesson.

In the case of illness or other last-minute conflict, students are asked to call as soon as they know they will be missing their scheduled lesson time. If an instructor is en route to the studentís house for the lesson when it is cancelled, a $25 fee will be assessed and is payable at the next lesson. It is left to the instructorís discretion whether to reschedule a short-notice cancellation.

If a student consistently cancels lessons without proper notice, The DíAdamo School of Performing Arts reserves the right to cancel all future lessons.

The courtesy of a phone call (not email or text) is appreciated for all cancellations and reschedules within the 48-hour window. Emailing to cancel or reschedule a lesson more than 48 hours in advance is fine. If you donít get a timely response to your email, please call and talk to the instructor directly or leave a voice mail message to ensure proper credit is given.

If a 48-hour notice is provided, a make-up lesson will be scheduled at the earliest possible date. All missed lessons must be made up within that month or forfeited. Missed lessons may not be "credited" to the next month in order to reduce the monthly lesson fee for a subsequent month.

A health club/gym does not refund money back if a member doesn't workout on a particular week. Time Warner doesn't give it's cable subscribers a rebate if they don't watch TV on a given night, so please don't ask us to reduce your monthly lesson fee if you have canceled a lesson in a prior month.

Special exceptions may be made for vacations, or if we are unable to find a mutually convenient date before month's end, etc. If the student does not show up for the make-up date, student will forfeit that lesson.

Please remember that too many cancellations may result in poor progress. Improvement greatly depends on consistent instructions and practice.
Cancellation By Instructor
If an instructor needs to cancel a lesson due to illness or a performance/recording session, he/she will notify you as soon as possible. All scheduled lessons cancelled by the instructor will be rescheduled and made-up within the same month.
Late For Lesson
Students more than 5 minutes late for their lesson will not get the full 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Most lessons are scheduled back to back. Your lesson will end when it is time for the next student's lesson to begin. If your lesson starts late because the instructorís schedule is running behind, you will get your full session time.
If a student misses a lesson without calling, then the student will forfeit that lesson and no make-up lesson will be scheduled.
Discontinuing Lessons
Since The DíAdamo School of Performing Arts does not require a written contractual obligation, we respectfully request that you give a 30-day notice if you choose to no longer continue taking lessons.

Please see Lessons and Rates for more information

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